Over 50s Life Insurance

If you are considering your life insurance options, then our team at Unity Life can help.

It’s never too early to take out life insurance, but what if your life changes as you get older? Your priorities once you get past 50 won’t necessarily be the same as when you were younger, so your policy should reflect this. A lot of policies are designed to offer cheaper premiums and fewer restrictions the younger you are. So what do you do if you’re over 50 and looking to take out life insurance?

The answer is to take out over 50s life insurance, and here at Unity Life, we have many years of experience in helping clients choose the right insurance products. We’re here to provide our clients with honest and impartial advice with no fee charged for reviewing existing or new policies. With Unity Life, you’ll be free to choose the best policy to suit your requirements.

Better yet, at Unity Life, we offer free reviews of both existing and new policies, so you have nothing to lose by giving us a call today on 0203 475 1285.

What is Over 50s Life Insurance?

In a nutshell, over 50s life insurance is a product designed exclusively for individuals aged over 50. It works much in the same way as a standard life insurance policy in that you pay regular monthly instalments and a lump sum is paid out in the event of your death. This makes it incredibly useful for family members looking to pay for funeral costs as well as cover mortgage payments and existing debts. It’s also a way to leave behind a gift for your loved ones.

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Will I Be Accepted?

The beauty of over 50s life insurance is that acceptance is guaranteed. So long as you’re aged between 50 and 80 years (85 depending on the policy), you’ll be accepted without question, and you won’t even need to take a medical or answer any questions regarding your health. All you need to do is choose your beneficiaries, and your cover can be in place in just 15 minutes.


Inheritance tax is an amount that is owed on the estate of an individual at the time of their death and is currently set at 40%. Your beneficiaries would be expected to pay this tax; therefore, they wouldn’t receive the full pay out. Fortunately, if you write your policy “in trust”, it sidesteps this issue entirely, so your beneficiaries will receive the full amount.

Fixed Premiums

With over 50s life insurance, all premiums are fixed, and you can choose freely the amount you pay: this allows you to opt for a monthly instalment that suits your budget. If you should miss a payment, however, your cover will lapse, and you’ll lose any money that was paid in.

Over 50s life insurance is not an investment plan or savings scheme and it is only worth something only if you keep up with the premiums.

Fixed Pay Out

Most policies will pay out a fixed amount at the time of your death which can vary but is usually around £25,000. A drawback here is that you could end up receiving less than you paid in, or you could receive more depending on when the policy is paid out. Fixed amounts are also liable to be diminished by inflation. At Unity Life, we can offer a free review of all existing policies.

This means that we can review the sum insured, and the premiums to ensure that they hold value in line with inflation. The benefit is that your policy won’t erode, but obviously, you’ll need to be confident that you can cover the higher costs.

Choosing the Right Policy

Here at Unity Life, we’re here to help you make the right decision regarding over 50s life insurance. There are many benefits to choosing our services, including:

  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Honest and Impartial Advice
  • No Fee for Reviewing Existing or New Policies
  • Face-to-Face and Phone Reviews
  • Find the Right Policy Quickly

We’ll search our database for all available policies that meet your criteria before narrowing these down to find the best ones for you to review and consider. Our team will also talk you through the premium rates, pay out values and any additional benefits offered by the respective policies.

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