Critical Illness Cover

If you are considering your life insurance options, then our team at Unity Life can help.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness is traumatic for the person involved, as well as their family and close friends. The emotional strain is hard to deal with, but it can also present a financial problem, particularly if you are unable to work as a result of your illness. To help ease the burden, our experts at Unity Life can offer you critical illness cover, which will act as a financial lifeline in times of hardship.

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Is This A Form Of Life Insurance?

This is not a form of life insurance as it functions in a different way. A lump sum will be paid out if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, whereas life insurance comes into effect when you die. Critical illness cover can also be added to life insurances policies, and our team at Unity Life will be able to help you with such requests.

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What Is Critical Illness Cover?

This particular form of insurance is used in the event of an individual being diagnosed with a critical illness. A tax-free lump sum is paid if this happens during the term of the policy, and the illness will need to be listed within the policy. So, if you opt for a sum insured of £100,000, then it will be paid to you if you suffer one of the serious illnesses listed in the policy.

It is essential that you look through the list of conditions before you take out critical illness cover. Our experts at Unity Life will explain all the details, but it is worth knowing that the policy may not be valid when it comes to certain illnesses and conditions.

Having critical illness cover will aid you with any financial burdens that you may have. It will be hugely beneficial in the event of you being diagnosed with a serious condition. The pay out could help cover the following:


Medical Bills

Home Adaptations

Day-to-Day Expenses

The point of having critical illness cover is to ease the financial strain should you be taken ill. You could opt to use some or all of the lump sum or part of it to act as income for your family. This will help them cover costs if they need to help take care of you.

Why We Are Your Best Choice for Critical Illness Cover

As an independent adviser, you can rest assured that we will offer you transparent and honest advice when it comes to securing the right insurance policy. As mentioned, critical illness cover can be taken out as a standalone feature or alongside other life insurance policies. Our experts at Unity Life are on hand to help you select the right option for your situation and budget.

We have accumulated 15 years of experience due to our extensive work in the financial services industry, so you can trust in our judgement. We want you to feel comfortable and have peace of mind that you will receive an economic lifeline by taking out our critical illness cover. We are on hand to answer all of your queries, so do not hesitate to reach out.

If you already have a policy with us and would like to review it, do not worry about having to pay additional costs. We will review your existing policy for free, and we can do this either face to face or via the telephone. Our dedicated team are flexible and aim to work around your schedule.

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Critical illness cover is not something that many people will consider, but it can be incredibly helpful if you have it. Here at Unity Life, we understand the strain and turmoil that comes with a serious condition, so why not allow our policy to help you cope financially?

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